Strategica AS is a small firm with a big network. This means that we can take on large assignments in cooperation with partners in Norway and abroad.


We have been working with clever people from all over the world for more than 20 years. This has provided us with a sound network which we are happy to involve in exciting projects.

Our network consists of consultants and executives who possess exciting experiences with many different processes and strategic positions.

It also consists of professors and teachers from leading universities and colleges throughout the world. We have colleagues at Harvard, INSEAD, the London Business School, the Norwegian School of Economics and the National University of Singapore, just to mention a few.

We also work in close cooperation with some of the most prominent educationalists in respect of strategic financial understanding. This work ranges from in-depth training for financial managers and experts to helping all the executives in an organisation to understand the basic connecting links between strategy, financial consequences and value creation.

Our network represents top expertise in respect of brand management, storytelling and communications, market strategies, enterprise strategy, portfolio strategies, relations management, financial understanding, economic management, national economy, sociology, social anthropology, cross-cultural communications, service management, customer relationship management, philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and much more.

Our network also includes actors, musicians, authors and social debaters who sometimes work with us in order to meet the requirements of our clients in an exciting and enthusiastic manner.

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