Teambuilding for management groups

We have many years of experience in establishing trust in groups. There is a clear correlation between trust and openness. Openness creates trust and vice versa. It is only when you dare to be open and actually say what you think that you will be able to add value to the group and contribute to problem solving.


Far too many management groups are ineffectual and engage in shadow boxing instead of making strategically smart decisions. Instead of saying what they think, managers say what they think other people want to hear, which rarely leads to smart solutions.

Creating openness and trust takes time; it cannot be achieved in half a day. However, it is possible to do other useful things while team building is taking place. We can organise activities that boost the effectiveness of the team. Then a management meeting or strategy workshop can be held while we observe processes in action and intervene as required. This makes for efficient learning, promotes greater assurance in the team and increases the effectiveness of the management group.

La Fauvelle, our hotel in the South of France, is tailor made for this type of gathering. Why not do the work somewhere that inspires new thoughts and changes habits? If you like, we can put the whole hotel at your disposal and use both the course facilities and the large garden as an arena for processes that will make a lasting impression. We also provide team building at other destinations to suit the client’s requirements, of course.